Beach Life

beach life Jesus sandals cartwheeling on the beachcornwall knitted aran cardigans sisters of style in aran and stripesfun on the beachripped skinny jeans

(left) Charlotte wears: hand knitted cardigan, Mango jumper, Topshop jeans (old, similar here), Sandals from a local market in Crete

(right) Camilla wears: hand knitted cardigan, H&M top, Topshop shirt and jeans (both old, similar here and here), Sandals from a local market in Crete

Cornwall is one of our happy places. What we love about Cornwall is how relaxed it is, and the ridiculous foodie scene. We’ve eaten pizza on the beach cooked by some local boys who just setup their stone baked pizzeria in the open air, at what looked like a quaint run down inn but turned out to be an absolute gem of a seafood restaurant, and at a fancy beachside restaurant (which we were still in damp beaches clothes and wet salty hair, and it was 100% acceptable.) Literally every meal was delicious. Cornish residents take their food very seriously, and we love to eat it. So other than eating and never getting dressed up, or having completely dry hair we love to surf, swim and body board in the sea (in full wetsuits). Going on costal hikes is another love, the wind and wide open views of the coast and bays are so uplifting. Barbecues on the beach with lots of friends and family. Some our favourite places in the North East of Cornwall are, Polzeath, Padstow, Mawgan Porth and Port Isaac, there are still so many places we want to visit.

The cardigans we are wearing were knitted by our extremely talented Nan, we say what we wants and she creates knitting patterns from memory. Our sandals are what we often refer to as a Jesus sandal, if its natural un treated leather, has a cross over pattern then it makes it a Jesus sandal. What we are wearing is pretty much our Cornwall beach uniform, distressed denim, stripes and our knitted by nan cardigans.


Crete, Greece

Girls holiday round 2… Our mother turned 50 and wanted to go away with all of the girls (her Mum, sisters and us) in our family. Sadly Camilla was still in School so she stayed behind doing her exams. We went away at the beginning of May and had so many giggles that we already planning the next girls trip. IMG_7170IMG_2715IMG_2729IMG_7392IMG_2763 (1)IMG_1961IMG_7260IMG_2897IMG_2891^^ Everyone^^
IMG_3196IMG_3220IMG_3161IMG_3048IMG_3093creteIMG_3032IMG_2982IMG_2714IMG_2971IMG_2943IMG_2713IMG_2044IMG_2027IMG_2021IMG_2014IMG_2062IMG_7353IMG_7383IMG_2733IMG_2856IMG_1943IMG_2963IMG_3070IMG_2929IMG_7392IMG_3013IMG_2992IMG_2051IMG_1999                             ^^Gyros all day^^poolIMG_1935Untitled

1st & 2nd photo, Nastasha wears: River Island costume (old, I love this one though)

4th-8th photos, Charlotte wears: Marks & Spencer top (old, love this one), H&M shorts (bought three sizes too big for a loose fit), havaianas, Jil Sander sunglasses. Natasha wears: Asos dress (out of stock, similar here), DKNY sandals (old, similar here and here), Ray-Bans. Felicity wears: Chipie dress and head scarf, Debenhams hat. (Just in case you wanted to know what our fabulous wore…) Tina wears: East dress, Dior sunglasses, Louis Vuitton bag

11th-13th photos, Charlotte wears: Cos dress, Clinique ‘hefitist hibiscus’ lipstick, local market sandals, Natasha wears: Madewell dress (old, I also love this one), Felicity wears: Catimini dress & cardigan, local market sandals

16th photo, Charlotte wears: John Lewis hat, Marks and Spencer bikini (old, similar here and here). Felicity wears: Mitty James swim nappy, Debenhams hat

18th photo, Natasha wears: Warehouse costume (old, similar here, here and here)

24th photo, Charlotte wears: Zara shirt dress (old, similiar here, here and here), J.Crew sandals, Clinique ‘plushest punch’ lipstick. Felicity wears: Jean Bourget dress, sandals from a local market

34th-38th photo: Natasha wears: New Look beach throw, Birkenstock sandals. Charlotte wears: Zara dress (old, I love the shape of this dress and Zara have done a similar shape in a different print here),

3rd to last photo, Charlotte wears: Victorias Secret swimsuit (no longer available, similar here and here). Felicity wears: Marks & Spencer costume, Debenhams hat

last photo: Charlotte wears: Gap dress (sold out, similar), sandals from local market. Felicity wears: Chipie dress and Absorba cardigan. Natasha wears: Monsoon dress (old, similar), sandals from a French market

Sunshine, pool time, gyros, fabulous towns and local markets, quiet beaches, clear Mediterranean sea  and excellent company. Crete for for us was so much fun. We hope you like our holiday photo diary.

Natasha & Charlotte xo


Disneyland & Bruges, Belgium

We all LOVE disneyland… theres something special about being there and feeling like a child. We loved watching Felicity’s face light up walking around and on different rides- especially Its a Small World.

Day 3, Disneyland Paris IMG_6376IMG_6487IMG_6398  IMG_6403IMG_6453IMG_2146IMG_6413IMG_6420IMG_6432IMG_2141IMG_1746IMG_2238IMG_6600IMG_6541IMG_6597IMG_6501

Charlotte wears: COS dress (on sale!!), Superga’s

Natasha wears: Hobbs dress (old, similar here), Old Navy espadrilles (sold out, similar Stripe espdrilles), Urban Outfitters sunglasses

Camilla wears: M&S jeans, Topshop top, H&M espadrilles (old, similar here)

Felicity wears: Jean Bourget outfit

IMG_1736^^having fun in the hotel^^

Natasha (and mother) had been to Bruges before and wanted Charlotte and Camilla to see the beautiful town, cobbled streets and funky buildings. We took a carriage ride around the town to learn a little more about the history, which we would definitely recommend. We indulged in the many chocolate shops Bruges has to offer- they truly are world class chocolates and ate Belgium waffles (because you can’t go to Belgium without having a waffle!!)

Day 4, Bruges BelgiumIMG_1768IMG_6603IMG_1769IMG_6616IMG_6645IMG_1797IMG_2315IMG_6653IMG_6667IMG_6656  IMG_1829IMG_6688IMG_2286IMG_6690IMG_2278IMG_6633  IMG_1772IMG_6638IMG_6643IMG_1788IMG_1782IMG_6707IMG_6712IMG_6717IMG_6722

Charlotte wears: Monsoon top (old, but this one is lovely on sale), Zara cardigan (old, but we love this one), Topshop jeans, Italian loafers

Natasha wears: Zara jacket (old, similar here), ASOS t-shirt, Topshop jeans, Birkenstocks, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Chloe bag

Camilla wears: Topshop blazer (old, similar here), H&M shirt (old, love this one), Topshop jeans, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Felicity wears: BHS romper (now on sale), Carlomagno socksAmy & Ivor moccasins,


Summer Round Up… Paris, France

Sorry we’ve been MIA for a while… we’ve had a lot going on and wanted a little break from blogging (anyone thats blogged will know how hard going it is and time consuming).

We wanted to fill you in on some of our spring/summer activities… Natasha flew back to England for 6 weeks for some much needed family time and a few holidays! We took a girls trip to Paris, France and Bruges, Belgium.

Paris, Day 1IMG_1995 IMG_5992^^On the ferry to France^^IMG_6017 IMG_6016IMG_6036IMG_6080 IMG_6075IMG_6100IMG_6081IMG_1666IMG_6161IMG_1677IMG_1680^^Charlotte and Camilla went to the top^^IMG_6142^^Whilst Natasha and Mother played with felicity at the bottom^^IMG_6136IMG_6173

We arrived in the late afternoon so we headed straight to the Eiffel tower for dinner and to watch it sparkle!!

Natasha wears: H&M jacket, H&M jumper (old, similar yellow jumper), Topshop jeans, J.Crew shirt, Superga’s, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Camilla wears: Zara blazer (old, similar on sale here), M&S shirt, Topshop jeans (self ripped), Ray-Ban sunglasses

Paris, Day 2IMG_2101IMG_6187IMG_6367IMG_6203IMG_6219IMG_6226IMG_6265IMG_2042IMG_6346IMG_6357IMG_1731IMG_2095IMG_1732IMG_6364IMG_2104

Our second day we did everything touristy… Notre Dame, Arc de Trimpohe, Basilique Du Sacré-Cœur, La Louvre, Love lock bridge (we even did the bus tour) and we absolutely loved it. We finished the day having dinner & dessert with a beautiful view of Notre Dame.

Charlotte wears: The White Company dress (old, but all dresses on sale here), Fendi neck scarf, Jigsaw sunglasses

Natasha wears: M&S jeans, ASOS t-shirt, H&M jacket (old, similar here), Burberry Sunglasses, Chloe bag, New Balance trainers (sold out, similar here)

Camilla wears: Zara blouse, Topshop jeans, Superga’s, Ray-Ban sunglasses

Felicity wears: Chipie outfit


Travel TorontoTravel Toronto  Travel Toronto  Travel Toronto  Travel Toronto  Travel Toronto

Yonge StreetTravel TorontoTravel TorontoTravel TorontoTravel TorontoTravel TorontoTravel TorontoTravel TorontoTravel TorontoTravel TorontoTravel Toronto

Distillery District Travel TorontoTravel TorontoTravel TorontoTravel TorontoTravel TorontoTravel TorontoTravel TorontoTravel TorontoTravel Torontowearing: Asos coat, Sheinside top, Topshop jeans, J.Crew bag, Quay sunglasses (also similar here), New Balance (sold out, similar here)

We visited Toronto since it was so close to Niagara Falls- it felt like quite a small city. My favourite parts were the St.Lawrence Market which is voted the best food market in the world, I loved walking round- I could have bought something from every vendor. I also loved the distillery district, from the cobbled streets to the quaint shops, I could have spent all day there. It was a bit chilly so we indulged and had Soma hot chocolates.

We also tried out airbnb for the first time… we were a bit apprehensive at first (meeting a stranger and staying in their house/apartment) but we loved the view from the apartment, chatting to a ‘local’ on the best places to eat and visit and that we saved some money!

Natasha xo


tartan scarflow pony-tail hairstyle oversized jacketdenim shirt
michael kors gold watch
wearing: H&M denim shirt (now on sale), Aquascutum jacket (old, but similar here), Zara scarf (old, but I like this one), Topshop jeans (very similar here), Russell and Bromley loafers, Michael Kors watch (I also like this one)

Confession: This jacket is actually Charlotte’s husbands, he left it at our mum’s house after easter weekend spent back in Suffolk. When I found it, I got a little bit too excited and tried it on straight away. At first I felt like a drown rat, however rolling up the sleeves made all the difference and I decided I had to wear it. I have always loved an oversized jacket, jumper or top.

Camilla xo