CHARLOTTE & NATASHA | O.P.I Valentines Nails

sistersofstyle opi valentines nailssistersofstyle opi valentines nails sistersofstyle opi valentines nailsNatasha and I decided that we would paint some novelty nails for tomorrow. We are both suckers for a bit of novelty/ holiday fun. I used O.P.I ‘sweetheart’ pink as an undercoat and O.P.I ‘big apple red’ to do the hearts. I created the hearts by using a kebab/ tooth pick and doing three dots on my nail, then connecting the dots to create a heart. It was a bit fiddly, but anyone can do it, especially if my heavy-handed self can… Confession, Jonathan (my husband) always paints my nails for me. He does far better than I ever could and often better than a salon  too. He is working away in Italy at the moment so I had to resort to doing it. Natasha used the O.P.I ‘big apple red’ on her nails too. I love that shade, its such a classic red colour. Happy Valentines Day (for tomorrow) may it be filled with love and happiness.

Charlotte xo


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