NATASHA | 1st Wedding Anniversary

natasha from sistersofstyle first wedding anniversary Over breakfast Jordan presented with my anniversary gift, its tradition that your first wedding anniversary gift be made of paper. So Jordan made me a secret box out of a book, and filled the first page with quotes about love. I loved the book! And of course I LOVED the necklacenatasha from sistersofstyle first wedding anniversaryWe spent the day in London together.natasha from sistersofstyle first wedding anniversaryWatched Wickednatasha from sistersofstyle first wedding anniversaryAte frozen yogurt at snognatasha from sistersofstyle first wedding anniversaryAnd just generally enjoyed each others company.natasha from sistersofstyle first wedding anniversarywearing: italian coat, zara blouse & trousers, D&G sunglasses, clarks boots

We had a fabulous day reminiscing about our first year of marriage. I am fiercely in love with Jordan, and am so happy, I look forward to all of our years together. Ok now I’ve done the mushy bit, the necklace in the top picture. Its beyond amazing, and he picked it out by himself! Its from Pree Brulee. One of the best jewellery websites ever! Seriously go visit it now!

Natasha xo


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