Arm Candy

sistersofstyle arm candy sistersofstyle arm candysistersofstyle arm candysistersofstyle arm candy(left) Charlotte wears: onlinerings claw ring, topshop ring, cartier watch, kate spade bangle, opi ‘thats hot! pink’ nail varnish

(top) Natasha wears: onlinerings diamante ring, michael kors watch, kate spade bangles, m&s black diamante link bracelet, opi ‘the living daylights’ nail varnish

(right) Camilla wears: onlinerings turquoise bird ring, boutique rings, marc by marc jacobs coral sea bracelet, italian boutique leather bracelet, opi ‘thats hot! pink’ nail varnish

Arm candy time. When it comes to accessorising we follow Donatella Versace famous words, “more is more, less is boring.”

sistersofstyle xo


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