Pyjamas and Blankets for Cold Nights In

SISTERSOFSTYLE LOVE PAJAMAS AND SNUGGLING IN BLANKETSWe love being comfortable and the ultimate comfort item is of course your pjs, favouring twin set, button up style jammies. We are, unashamedly, those people that come in from work/school and put on their pjs straight away, then continue to stay in them for as long as possible. Don’t judge us, it’s hard to deny pyjamas.

CAMILLA LOVES- Jack Wills cotton blue and white stripe Wellingborough pj set with a check throw from Marks & Spencer

NATASHA LOVES- Next black satin pyjamas with a nordic fleece blanket would make me a happy girl in the evenings.

CHARLOTTE LOVES- DKNY pink satin pyjamas snuggled up with a Kylie Minogue faux fur throw.

Do you love your pyjamas and blankets as much as we do?

sistersofstyle xo


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