NATASHA & CAMILLA | The Ugg Boot Dilema ?!?

grey ugg  boot outfitgrey ugg  boot outfit grey ugg  boot outfit(left) Natasha wears: asos beanie (now on sale!!)mango coat (sold out, but similar here), topshop jeansugg boots

(right) Camilla wears: topshop hat, jumper and jeans, hatchika giletugg boots

Every winter we all say/ promise/ think, ‘This year we will NOT wear Ugg boots.’ But on that day when winter really strikes, its so cold outside it could snow and it hurts to breath. Your dressed, eye up your boots deciding which ones best compliment your outfit, and then, you see them… The comfortable, soft, fluffy lined Uggs, sitting there, just waiting for these ridiculously cold winter months, they beckon ‘go on give me a try.’ The second you slip your bare toes into that sheepskin lining your a goner. ‘I don’t care that they are ugly, I will be warm, ‘ you reason to yourself and off you go, to conqueror your day in the smug knowledge that you can accomplish pretty much anything in comfort and warmth (as long as the rain stays off.) Does this situation sound familiar?

We are pro-Ugg boots, but do often have this battle. However you seriously cannot beat their velvety softness, so embrace the ugly and love the comfort. Are you a lover or a hater of the Ugg boot?

sistersofstyle xo


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