Love Is In The Air…

v-day gifts1. M&S satin pyjamas – £29.50

2. YSL rouge lipstick – £25

3.Marc Jacobs ‘Daisy’ perfume – £52

4. Laduree macaroons – £18

5. Christian Louboutin glitter pumps – £395

6. Pree Brulee necklace – £30

7.Estee Lauder pink nail varnish – £14.50

8. Swarovski ring – £119

9. Moschino shoulder bag – 554.61

Valentines Day is marmite. You either hate it with a passion and want to do everything in your power to avoid/ boycott/ destroy happy couples in love, or you are one of those annoying loved up couples that loves celebrating Valentines Day with your beau. We think that showing love and appreciation for your partner, mum, sister, dog (yes they even have valentines doggy treats, we checked,)  is only a good thing.

Natasha LOVES any day that means presents and surprises and cards and flowers and chocolates and dinner and, and, and… She loves any celebration and Valentines day is no different, with Natasha you can only go BIG, there is no other way. We are making her out to be a tyrant, but, she equally gives alot!!!

Charlotte has one rule for Valentines ‘no flowers.’ Its the one day of the year when flowers sky rocket in price. She is not fussed by Valentines and of course would never say no to a pair of sparkly Louboutins but is equally happy with a new lipstick and some macaroons.

Camilla is happy with a card and flowers from Mum. Any onlookers, or secret admirers are just an added bonus 😉

How do you like to celebrate? Are you a big celebrator like Natasha? A hater? or just happy with whatever comes your way like Charlotte & Camilla?

sistersofstyle xo


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