CHARLOTTE | Springtime Blues

maternity spring style zara bright blue blazer39 weeks pregnant outfitcasual spring style wearing: zara blazer, h&m scarf, Jonathans t-shirt, topshop maternity jeans, superga trainers, louis vuitton bag

39 weeks and feeling very pregnant. This last week of pregnancy has been tough. I have honestly enjoyed my last trimester the most, up until this week. I suffered with morning sickness up until about 24-28 weeks pregnant, so when most women start to feel heavier and like the baby is taking a toll on their back, I was just coming out of the groggy stage and could eat something other than dry toast, crackers and plain biscuits, so felt fantastic.

But now I am sooooo ready to meet her, and sleep through the night, and not need to pee every 10 minutes, and eat something without acid reflux occuring, and, and… Pregnancy is not glamarous. I tried to brighten my mood by dressing in brighter colours and I must say it worked. I’m still wearing Jonathans tops, they are not flattering but at this stage of pregnancy comfort is all that matters.

Charlotte xo


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