CHARLOTTE | Lime Green for Spring

bright green jumper- spring trends 2014 casual brights for spring statement necklacematching with mumma - green jumper, blue and green floral babygrow psdwearing: zara jumper, zara necklace, ag jeans, boutique shoes, louis vuitton bag

Felicity wears: little bird babygrowbon point cardigan

Felicity is now 3 weeks old, and I have been in a complete mummy bubble for weeks. I am so in love with everything from her cute little hands to her funny sleeping faces. She is such a good baby, and I feel truly blessed to have her as my child. I will talk about her alot, just to warn you. We went shopping last week and decided that we would match. She has worn white or pale pink only for the first weeks, this is the first bit of colour she has worn. I love this zara jumper, perfect for my recovering post natal body and so comfortable, the price is very nice too. Natasha and Camilla liked mine so much that they have bought the same jumper in other colours. Bright colours just make you smile and feel happy even when the suns not shining. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Charlotte xo


2 thoughts on “CHARLOTTE | Lime Green for Spring

  1. Priscilla Goh says:

    In love with the pop of colour and statement necklace- so simple yet chic and put together! The concept of your blog featuring the style of each sister is amazing- you’ve got a new fan and follower! xx.

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