Easter Celebrations

easter goodies
1. Prestat luxury chocolate egg – £15

2. Marc Jacobs, Daisy, Eau so Fresh – £49.50

3. Liberty silk scarf – £99

4. Rock’n’Rose floral headband – £38

5. Me & Zeena rabbit ring – £28

6. Warehouse blossom tee – £28

7. Moschino rabbit iphone case – £41.66

8. Aerin rose lipgloss – £22

9. Estee Lauder nudite nail varnish – £14

10. Cath Kidston mug – £5.20

11. Laura Ashley easter  cupcake decorating kit – £7

When we think of Easter we think of; new life, pastels, faberge eggs, baby chicks, hot cross buns, daffodils, chocolate… If you are looking for a gift other than chocolate or a novelty Easter something for yourself then we  hope this helps. Its what we would want to wear/ eat over the Easter weekend.

sistersofstyle xo


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