CAMILLA | Ripped Jeans

ripped topshop skinny jeans half-up half-down hair with a bowsummer style gold michael kors watch - summer style topshop embellished sandals funky printed t-shirt
wearing: Zara top (in-stores but I love this one too), Topshop jeans, Topshop sandals (I bought these in-store but these online sandals are  similar)

This weekend has been so busy, which is why we haven’t posted for a few days. Sorry. As you read this I am on my way to EFY (a church camp) for the week and am so so SO excited. Yesterday whilst at my Aunts house my Grandad told me, “Camilla you need some new trousers, yours have a rip in.” He said it with such concern and love on his face. I told him, ” No Grandad, its the fashion, I bought them like this.” To which he replied, “Why? I’ve had my trousers for seven years and they’re still good.” He could not understand it at all. Ha Ha!! I love him. Are you loving the ripped jeans trend as much as me? Or do you feel like my Grandad? Ihope you enjoyed your weekend

Camilla xo


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