NATASHA & CHARLOTTE | Twinning in Olive Jumpers

Oui Moments Scarf Winter Boots & Bags Winter Boots & Jumpers Street Style Chanel Vs Louis Vuitton Casual Winter Style Olive Clothing Jumper(left) Charlotte wears: Olive Jumper, Topshop pleather trousers, Russell & Bromley boots, Chanel bag, Catarzi hat (sold out but I also love this colour), Pashmina scarf

(right) Natasha wears: Olive jumperTopshop jeans, Ugg boots, Oui scarf, Louis Vuitton bag

Separate shopping trips (to Javelin) resulted in us purchasing the same jumper. Its not an ‘uh oh’ or ‘she stole my look’ moment but a bit of  a, ‘heyyy, nice jumper’ 😉 moment.The reason we started this blog was to share how we as sisters steal / borrow each others clothes and style them differently. We love personal style and enjoy looking at how other bloggers / people on the street can wear one item and create completely different looks. Personal style is an insight into someones personality. We hope you like our jumpers and how we wore them.

We hope our American friends and readers have recovered from your food comas.

Natasha & Charlotte xo


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