Merry Christmas

This photo is from a family photo shoot taken just before Natasha & Jordan left for America, by Adri Paige.

This is the first year that we, as sisters, won’t be together on Christmas day. It’s a little bit sad but its Christmas and you can’t be sad over Christmas. Natasha is in Indiana with her husband and his family, Charlotte will spend Christmas morning at hers in Warwickshire before she joins Camilla at our Mums house. This year as we have been separated Christmas hasn’t felt quite the same, and Natasha is the Christmas joy spreader. Yes that is her offical title. She loves the music, food, crafts and we have all fallen a little short of Christmas activities this year. We have also been anti blog ‘gift lists’ which is why we haven’t done one. We found it a little annoying that they were springing up in November and have been inundated with ‘Gift List’ posts. So we didn’t do one and have tried to focus on giving less and better quality gifts.

If you are Christian or not it’s impossible to think of Christmas without the guy mentioned at the begining of the word- Christ. It’s a time to share love, joy, happiness and think of others, no matter your religious point of view. This video sums up Christmas perfectly, and truly lifts the soul.

We hope you have a wonderful Christmas. Enjoy family time, eating, singing, playing and laughing with your loved ones.

Merry Christmas

Charlotte, Natasha & Charlotte xo


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