CHARLOTTE | Wishing for Warmer Weather

 White Topshop Jeans Hermes Twill Scarf
Early Spring OUtfitwearing: Zara coat (really old, also love this one), Reiss tshirt, Topshop jeans, Hobbs shoes (on sale), Hermes scarf, Louis Vuitton bag (really old and no longer available, this one will be my next purchase though)

Like Natasha I am desperate for some warmer weather. When I can I forgo extra knitwear and pop on a light jacket or coat I do it. This bag was my Mums, it is technically still my Mums I’ve just commodore-d it. She got it as a baby bag when she had Camilla. At 17 years young it’s a beauty. I’ve also taken a leaf out of my Mums book and have refused to carry a baby bag. I just didn’t see one that I liked enough to spend £££ on. If I’m spending serious money I want a bag for me, a large one that can fit all of my baby bits in, not an ugly practical baby bag with hundreds of pockets.

This coat has made quite a few appearances on the blog. Click here and here to see some of the other outfits.

Hope you have a wonderfully lazy Sunday.

Charlotte xo


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