NATASHA | Hello Ohio

Hello Ohio

Hello Ohio  Hello Ohio  Hello Ohio    Hello Ohio  Hello  OhioHello Ohio  Hello Ohio  Hello OhioHello OhioHello OhioHello OhioHello OhioHello OhioHello OhioHello OhioHello OhioHello Ohiowearing: h&m jacket, ASOS jumper, Topshop jeans, Superga trainers, J.Crew bag (25% off with code SPRINGSALE), Quay Invader sunglasses, Michael Kors watch 

Sorry about the photo overload… Jordan and I took a day trip to Ohio to check out the food market (North Market) we read that it was one of the best food markets in north america- and it did not disappoint! We spent an hour trying to decide what to have.. we ended up with a loaf of bread, a smoothie (tropical temptation- it was the best smoothie I’ve ever had!!), pad thai, pastries, some spices and a waffle to finish us off. We ate so much we felt like taking a nap but we had a hike planned for the afternoon (at Hocking Hills– which is an incredibly beautiful state park, I would definitely recommend it! We will be going back). The first day of spring was on Friday and it felt like spring this weekend, we ate outside and enjoyed the great outdoors! This is our 11th state (we’re only counting them since we’ve been married).. only 39 to go!

I hope you’ve had a lovely weekend, Natasha xo


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