Sisters in Utah

IMG_4635IMG_2154IMG_2222^^Stewart Falls hike^^IMG_2213IMG_2215IMG_2228  IMG_3595IMG_3570

Moab, Day 1IMG_2337IMG_2349IMG_2366IMG_2426IMG_3676IMG_3695 (1)IMG_2413IMG_2431IMG_2438IMG_2466^^7/11 = free slurpee day!!^^

Moab, day 2IMG_2532IMG_2514IMG_2571 (1)IMG_2583IMG_2598IMG_2617

Salt Lake City, UtahIMG_2724IMG_2663IMG_2670IMG_2690IMG_2740IMG_2745(some of the best ‘make your own’ pizza EVER at Pizza Studio)IMG_2837IMG_2819^^Alpine slides in Park City^^

IMG_3904 (2) IMG_3997 (1)IMG_3837^^Some of our fabulous friends that make visiting the West coast so much fun^^

Boise, IdahoIMG_2924IMG_2939IMG_2990   IMG_2996IMG_2995^^Boise market, some of the best food a market has to offer^^IMG_3096IMG_3110(you can’t visit the West Coast with going to In-N-Out)IMG_3129

Camilla was flying to Utah for the whole month of July, so naturally I (Natasha) flew out to meet her to have some sister fun!! We spent a week and a half in Utah exploring the Uinta mountains (Stewart falls), Moab and Salt Lake City. Utah has so much to offer from beautiful red rock surroundings to luchious green hikes (and SO many good places to eat!!). We have so many friends there we always have an amazing time.

We then journey to Boise. Where we also have close friends (we call them family now) a trip to boise is not complete without a hike and a visit to the market which offers so many delicious treats (only a few pictured above).

We finished our trip back in Utah eating IN-N-OUT. It was hard to say good-bye but we have so many memories from our holiday.

Sisters of Style xo


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