San Francisco, Day 1

Day 1- Oakland, Moraga Steps, Lands End, Montara Beach

Bay Bridge

IMG_3896  IMG_3894

LDS Oakland TempleIMG_3757IMG_3807

Grizzly Peak


Sixteenth Avenue Staircase (Moraga Steps)IMG_3933IMG_3916  IMG_3948IMG_3982IMG_3973  IMG_3945

Lands End


Montara BeachIMG_4099

Travel Outfit: Forever21 jumper (old, similar here), Old Navy boyfriend t-shirt (my favourite!), Herschel backpack

Wedding outfit: H&M jumper, J.Crew skirt , Old Navy sandals (old, similar here), Accessorize necklace (old but I love this one), Urban Outfitters sunglasses 

We took a last minute trip to San Francisco for a friends wedding and turned it into a 4 day holiday. We decided to pack light (which I have NEVER done before) I was a little worried about fitting all of my clothes into a backpack- but I did it!! I was so proud of myself.

We flew in late Friday evening and were up bright and early Saturday morning to go to the LDS Oakland Temple- it was a little overcast and foggy (I actually changed outfits from a t-shirt into a jumper). It was a lot chiller than I had expected. We then headed to the hills of Oakland to a spot called Grizzly Peak which offered an incredible view of the city. We then went in the  search for the ‘pretty steps’ (Moraga Steps) this is what I was most excited for, and they did not disappoint!! They were BEAUTIFUL- we spent about 45 minutes just walking up and down admiring how incredible the mosaics were. Land’s End was next on our list as we pulled up there was an art class happening- we loved sitting and watching their canvases come to life. I would have liked to join in! We walked along waterfront trail for a while soaking in the views. It was then time for the wedding reception so we cruises down highway 1 towards Montara Beach. We had a fabulous first day!

Natasha xo


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