San Francisco, Day 3

Day 3– Fishermans Wharf, China Town, Union Square, Alamo Square, Cable Car, Ghirardelli Square, Golden Gate Bridge

Fishermans WharfIMG_4476IMG_4453IMG_4460IMG_4468

Musée MécaniqueIMG_4499IMG_4478IMG_4484  IMG_4487IMG_4512

Pier 39IMG_4522IMG_4534


Union Square IMG_4580 IMG_4584

Alamo Square IMG_1027 IMG_4609 IMG_4605

IMG_4620 IMG_4623IMG_4628IMG_4635

Cable CarIMG_4643IMG_4652 IMG_1062 IMG_4721 IMG_1038

Ghirardelli Square IMG_4668IMG_4665

Sunset at the Golden Gate BridgeIMG_1073 IMG_1076 IMG_1070 IMG_1092

wearing: Old Navy jacket, Old Navy t-shirt, M&S jeans (old, love this pair), Chloe bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Superga

Our final day of sightseeing was incredible- we spend all day soaking in the sights of the city. We started off at Fishermans Wharf where we stuffed ourself full of sourdough bread (literally- we had 2 loaves!!). We popped into the Musée Mécanique to play some old school games- we had so much fun on all the machines, some of them really made us giggle (the sexy test specifically). We then headed for the sea-lions at Pier39- we stood and watched them for half an hour. They were very entertaining fighting for their position on the docks and lounging around. Jordan wanted to check out Chinatown, which is supposedly the biggest chinatown outside Asia. And it was HUGE- I couldn’t believe how big of an area it covered. We enjoyed wondering through ogling at all the weird and wonderful things.

We didn’t realise how hilly San Francisco was- so we continued up Grant street till we hit the shopping area (Union Square)!! I loved the hearts that surrounded union square. After shopping we wanted to see the painted ladies (which is a famous row of beautiful homes). It was a little bit of a walk but it was such a nice day so we didn’t mind the walk and we got to see more of the city that way. When we reached Alamo Square (after taking some photos) we took a half an hour break. I desperately wanted to ride a cable car so thats where we went next- we accidentally bumped into the City Hall- which was so beautiful and stopped for some photos outside- there was some music (if you can’t tell by my amazing moves). I LOVED the cable car, we were squished in like sardines but we got scored a front seat spot so we had fantastic views of the city. The cable car dropped us off back at the waters edge- so we stopped in Ghirardelli square for a little treat, Jordan said it was the best ice-cream sundae he’s ever had (which is a big deal for him!). After stopping for ice cream we walked towards the bridge.

My favourite part of the trip was watching the sun set behind the Golden Gate Bridge- it was a magical moment. We both fell in love with the city and will definitely be returning!!

Natasha xo


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