Classic leather jacketGrey, denim and leather for Autumn DENIM JUMPSUITSilver Superga Trainers with a Denim Jumpsuitwearing: Gap denim jumpsuit (on sale!), Marks & Spencer jumper (from the summer season, you may be able to find it in-store in the sale, similar here), Topshop jacket (really old, similar here), Chanel bag, Superga trainers

Over the next few days we will be showing you some our favourite ways to wear denim.  I always enjoy wearing a jumpsuit because they are sooo incredibly comfortable, it’s basically like wearing a socially acceptable, trendier baby-grow or onsie. The only downer is, going to the toilet. I often find myself putting it off till I potentially could wet myself because I hate having to completely un-button to sit on the loo practically naked, feeling all exposed. Haha. Anyways… This was the outfit I wore on a colder day, hence the jumper and jacket. I know alot of people are excited to see Autumn come, not me. I feel like I haven’t had enough warm long Summer days yet.

Charlotte xo


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