The virtual world of three sisters who love food, travelling, laughing & dressing up. We firmly believe that, life is better when your sisters are by your side. Which is why we decided to start a style blog together, we are also each others biggest fans. When we started blogging we were living 5 minutes from each other, now we are in three different cities across two countries, but are still digging in each other wardrobes when we can. Attempting to highlight how one item can be worn in many different ways. If you would like to send us message email, sistersofstyle@mail.com.


27 years old. Visual Merchandiser. Wife. Sister. Mumma to Felicity. Animal lover. Beach junkie. Make-up dodger. Hair twirler. Knitwear consumer. Nail bitter. Photographer. Library loser. Currently living in Warwickshire, UK.

charlotte from sistersofstyle


23 years old. Marketing Executive. Wife. Sister. Travel enthusiast. J.Crew addict. Mormon. OPI nail varnish obsessor. Fake tanner. Online Shopper. Crazy skier. Hopeless Romantic. Currently living in Indiana, USA.

natasha from sistersofstyle


17 years old. Student. Sister. Surfer. Skateboarder. Water baby. Natural blonde. Mormon. Daydreamer. MAC Cosmetics consumer. Rapunzel/ Tangled obsessed. Shark lover. Multiple ring wearer. Currently living in Suffolk, UK.camilla from sistersofstyle


7 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. whimsyacc says:

    Hi girls (:
    Lovely blog you have and how sweet of you 3 to have a blog together! (:

    Just want to let you know about my accessory shop, {Whimsy Accessories}, you can follow the link here:

    And you can use a coupon code “WHIMSY” to get 10% off and feel free to share it with your fans too.

    P.S: You should make a Facebook page for your blog. (: I went looking for it on Facebook, but guess you haven’t made one?

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