Classic leather jacketGrey, denim and leather for Autumn DENIM JUMPSUITSilver Superga Trainers with a Denim Jumpsuitwearing: Gap denim jumpsuit (on sale!), Marks & Spencer jumper (from the summer season, you may be able to find it in-store in the sale, similar here), Topshop jacket (really old, similar here), Chanel bag, Superga trainers

Over the next few days we will be showing you some our favourite ways to wear denim.  I always enjoy wearing a jumpsuit because they are sooo incredibly comfortable, it’s basically like wearing a socially acceptable, trendier baby-grow or onsie. The only downer is, going to the toilet. I often find myself putting it off till I potentially could wet myself because I hate having to completely un-button to sit on the loo practically naked, feeling all exposed. Haha. Anyways… This was the outfit I wore on a colder day, hence the jumper and jacket. I know alot of people are excited to see Autumn come, not me. I feel like I haven’t had enough warm long Summer days yet.

Charlotte xo


San Francisco, Day 3

Day 3– Fishermans Wharf, China Town, Union Square, Alamo Square, Cable Car, Ghirardelli Square, Golden Gate Bridge

Fishermans WharfIMG_4476IMG_4453IMG_4460IMG_4468

Musée MécaniqueIMG_4499IMG_4478IMG_4484  IMG_4487IMG_4512

Pier 39IMG_4522IMG_4534


Union Square IMG_4580 IMG_4584

Alamo Square IMG_1027 IMG_4609 IMG_4605

IMG_4620 IMG_4623IMG_4628IMG_4635

Cable CarIMG_4643IMG_4652 IMG_1062 IMG_4721 IMG_1038

Ghirardelli Square IMG_4668IMG_4665

Sunset at the Golden Gate BridgeIMG_1073 IMG_1076 IMG_1070 IMG_1092

wearing: Old Navy jacket, Old Navy t-shirt, M&S jeans (old, love this pair), Chloe bag, Ray-Ban sunglasses, Superga

Our final day of sightseeing was incredible- we spend all day soaking in the sights of the city. We started off at Fishermans Wharf where we stuffed ourself full of sourdough bread (literally- we had 2 loaves!!). We popped into the Musée Mécanique to play some old school games- we had so much fun on all the machines, some of them really made us giggle (the sexy test specifically). We then headed for the sea-lions at Pier39- we stood and watched them for half an hour. They were very entertaining fighting for their position on the docks and lounging around. Jordan wanted to check out Chinatown, which is supposedly the biggest chinatown outside Asia. And it was HUGE- I couldn’t believe how big of an area it covered. We enjoyed wondering through ogling at all the weird and wonderful things.

We didn’t realise how hilly San Francisco was- so we continued up Grant street till we hit the shopping area (Union Square)!! I loved the hearts that surrounded union square. After shopping we wanted to see the painted ladies (which is a famous row of beautiful homes). It was a little bit of a walk but it was such a nice day so we didn’t mind the walk and we got to see more of the city that way. When we reached Alamo Square (after taking some photos) we took a half an hour break. I desperately wanted to ride a cable car so thats where we went next- we accidentally bumped into the City Hall- which was so beautiful and stopped for some photos outside- there was some music (if you can’t tell by my amazing moves). I LOVED the cable car, we were squished in like sardines but we got scored a front seat spot so we had fantastic views of the city. The cable car dropped us off back at the waters edge- so we stopped in Ghirardelli square for a little treat, Jordan said it was the best ice-cream sundae he’s ever had (which is a big deal for him!). After stopping for ice cream we walked towards the bridge.

My favourite part of the trip was watching the sun set behind the Golden Gate Bridge- it was a magical moment. We both fell in love with the city and will definitely be returning!!

Natasha xo

San Francisco, Day 2

Day 2- Lombard Street, Golden Gate Bridge, Sausalito, Sonoma, Napa

Lombard StreetIMG_4142

Golden Gate BridgeIMG_4161IMG_0838IMG_4170IMG_4259IMG_4209IMG_0855IMG_4248IMG_0895IMG_4232IMG_4255IMG_0955IMG_4270



Muir Woods




Napa Valley


wearing: Old Navy skirt, Gap jumper (old, similar here), (outfit change- Old Navy boyfriend t-shirt), Superga, Ray-Bans, Chole bag

Our second day was just as much fun as the first- we went to church in San Francisco and then headed for Lombard street. We couldn’t believe how steep it was and how tight the turns were but it is surrounded by the most beautiful homes! We then rented some bikes and biked to the Golden Gate bridge, over the bridge (stopping for pictures, of course) and back, it was defintely longer than we expected! We were very sweaty after the bike ride! And a skirt was not necessarily the best idea… It was very windy over the bridge.

Once we returned the bikes we then drove over the bridge and headed for a little town called Sausalito- we did some window shopping and stopped for lunch at a pizza cafe. It had a great view of the city (I was too busy enjoying the moment to take photos, sorry). We jumped back in the car and made our way up the hill to Muir woods which is famous (Rise of the Planet of the Apes and The Return of the Jedi were filmed there). We enjoyed aimlessly wandering around. We ended the day in the wine region- first of all we visited Sonoma (which was my personal favourite) the town square was so quaint and I loved the shops and cafes. And I couldn’t go to wine region without visiting Napa Valley (because of Parent Trap!). We loved walking the vineyards and driving through the rolling hills.

Now to explore the city…

Natasha xo

San Francisco, Day 1

Day 1- Oakland, Moraga Steps, Lands End, Montara Beach

Bay Bridge

IMG_3896  IMG_3894

LDS Oakland TempleIMG_3757IMG_3807

Grizzly Peak


Sixteenth Avenue Staircase (Moraga Steps)IMG_3933IMG_3916  IMG_3948IMG_3982IMG_3973  IMG_3945

Lands End


Montara BeachIMG_4099

Travel Outfit: Forever21 jumper (old, similar here), Old Navy boyfriend t-shirt (my favourite!), Herschel backpack

Wedding outfit: H&M jumper, J.Crew skirt , Old Navy sandals (old, similar here), Accessorize necklace (old but I love this one), Urban Outfitters sunglasses 

We took a last minute trip to San Francisco for a friends wedding and turned it into a 4 day holiday. We decided to pack light (which I have NEVER done before) I was a little worried about fitting all of my clothes into a backpack- but I did it!! I was so proud of myself.

We flew in late Friday evening and were up bright and early Saturday morning to go to the LDS Oakland Temple- it was a little overcast and foggy (I actually changed outfits from a t-shirt into a jumper). It was a lot chiller than I had expected. We then headed to the hills of Oakland to a spot called Grizzly Peak which offered an incredible view of the city. We then went in the  search for the ‘pretty steps’ (Moraga Steps) this is what I was most excited for, and they did not disappoint!! They were BEAUTIFUL- we spent about 45 minutes just walking up and down admiring how incredible the mosaics were. Land’s End was next on our list as we pulled up there was an art class happening- we loved sitting and watching their canvases come to life. I would have liked to join in! We walked along waterfront trail for a while soaking in the views. It was then time for the wedding reception so we cruises down highway 1 towards Montara Beach. We had a fabulous first day!

Natasha xo

Pretty Dresses

Cream Dresses for Autumn from Zara, Topshop and The White CompanyHaving fun in dressesBaby Zara Dress^^twirling and the American swing are two of Felicity’s favourite things to do^^Flowing Dresses Camilla & Charlotte from Sisters of StyleTights Vs Bare legsTopshop Vs The White CompanySisters of Style in cream dresses for Autumn
Cream Dresses for AutumnBaby Knee High SocksCamilla wears: Topshop dress (found in-store but not online, I love this one online though), Aristoc tightsRussell & Bromley loafers

Charlotte wears: The White Company dress (purchased in the sale, but am also eyeing up this dress), Hobbs loafers (old, also love these)

Felicity wears: Zara dress and socks (available in-stores, online alternative), Start-rite shoes

Last Sunday our co-ordinating looks were a happy accident. One of the things we love about dresses are their versatility. And they’re fun and pretty to wear! Your favourite Summer dress doesn’t have to be put at the back of your wardrobe, keep it at the front for Autumn and just wear tights and loafers like Camilla. Or if its a nice day then wear bare legs and a heavier shoe like Charlotte has.

Sisters of Style xo

Sisters in Utah

IMG_4635IMG_2154IMG_2222^^Stewart Falls hike^^IMG_2213IMG_2215IMG_2228  IMG_3595IMG_3570

Moab, Day 1IMG_2337IMG_2349IMG_2366IMG_2426IMG_3676IMG_3695 (1)IMG_2413IMG_2431IMG_2438IMG_2466^^7/11 = free slurpee day!!^^

Moab, day 2IMG_2532IMG_2514IMG_2571 (1)IMG_2583IMG_2598IMG_2617

Salt Lake City, UtahIMG_2724IMG_2663IMG_2670IMG_2690IMG_2740IMG_2745(some of the best ‘make your own’ pizza EVER at Pizza Studio)IMG_2837IMG_2819^^Alpine slides in Park City^^

IMG_3904 (2) IMG_3997 (1)IMG_3837^^Some of our fabulous friends that make visiting the West coast so much fun^^

Boise, IdahoIMG_2924IMG_2939IMG_2990   IMG_2996IMG_2995^^Boise market, some of the best food a market has to offer^^IMG_3096IMG_3110(you can’t visit the West Coast with going to In-N-Out)IMG_3129

Camilla was flying to Utah for the whole month of July, so naturally I (Natasha) flew out to meet her to have some sister fun!! We spent a week and a half in Utah exploring the Uinta mountains (Stewart falls), Moab and Salt Lake City. Utah has so much to offer from beautiful red rock surroundings to luchious green hikes (and SO many good places to eat!!). We have so many friends there we always have an amazing time.

We then journey to Boise. Where we also have close friends (we call them family now) a trip to boise is not complete without a hike and a visit to the market which offers so many delicious treats (only a few pictured above).

We finished our trip back in Utah eating IN-N-OUT. It was hard to say good-bye but we have so many memories from our holiday.

Sisters of Style xo

Beach Life

beach life Jesus sandals cartwheeling on the beachcornwall knitted aran cardigans sisters of style in aran and stripesfun on the beachripped skinny jeans

(left) Charlotte wears: hand knitted cardigan, Mango jumper, Topshop jeans (old, similar here), Sandals from a local market in Crete

(right) Camilla wears: hand knitted cardigan, H&M top, Topshop shirt and jeans (both old, similar here and here), Sandals from a local market in Crete

Cornwall is one of our happy places. What we love about Cornwall is how relaxed it is, and the ridiculous foodie scene. We’ve eaten pizza on the beach cooked by some local boys who just setup their stone baked pizzeria in the open air, at what looked like a quaint run down inn but turned out to be an absolute gem of a seafood restaurant, and at a fancy beachside restaurant (which we were still in damp beaches clothes and wet salty hair, and it was 100% acceptable.) Literally every meal was delicious. Cornish residents take their food very seriously, and we love to eat it. So other than eating and never getting dressed up, or having completely dry hair we love to surf, swim and body board in the sea (in full wetsuits). Going on costal hikes is another love, the wind and wide open views of the coast and bays are so uplifting. Barbecues on the beach with lots of friends and family. Some our favourite places in the North East of Cornwall are, Polzeath, Padstow, Mawgan Porth and Port Isaac, there are still so many places we want to visit.

The cardigans we are wearing were knitted by our extremely talented Nan, we say what we wants and she creates knitting patterns from memory. Our sandals are what we often refer to as a Jesus sandal, if its natural un treated leather, has a cross over pattern then it makes it a Jesus sandal. What we are wearing is pretty much our Cornwall beach uniform, distressed denim, stripes and our knitted by nan cardigans.